Should I buy a reader?


Buy a reader if:

You read a lot on the go and you’ve had enough of carrying heavy books. 6-inch readers weigh less than 220 grams. Now consider your last reading …
You have to read a lot on the screen of your computer / laptop / tablet and your eyes are already aching – the reader’s screen looks like an ordinary book and does not radiate.
You want to read cheaper – electronic books are generally cheaper than paper ones – because in promotions most will get for a dozen or so zlotys; see the guide on buying books.
You have a lot of books in electronic formats on your hard drive and you want to have access to them. They can easily be converted and uploaded to your reader. See the book formats that Kindle supports.
You would like to read content from portals and online newspapers (you can convert them using the Caliber program and send them to your reader). Read about magazines in Caliber and the Instapaper program.
You learn a foreign language – there is nothing more convenient than reading a book in English and viewing the definition of a word in the built-in dictionary. See also 7 ways to learn English with Kindle.
You have poor eyesight. Most readers allow you to change font sizes and parameters. Here are examples from the latest Kindle models:


When you read little – well, it does not require a comment, although the question is, how much is „little”? When will buying a reader be worth it? When you read every day, and in this reading you are accompanied by a Kindle or other reader.

It may also be that after buying the reader you will start to read more. For example, you will take these books with you that you did not have time before.
Or maybe an iPad?

In comparison, for example, with the iPad and other tablets, book readers are certainly less effective, but they win a specialization.

The fact that the reader’s screen is simply more convenient – I wrote earlier.

The reader fits easily in a backpack, a woman’s purse or even a jacket pocket. You have dozens of books on hand, which you would not carry with you. Getting to work, waiting at the bus stop, a line to the doctor, a coffee break – all these are great occasions to read a bit.

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